Gene Deisinger

Gene Deisinger

Gene Deisinger

Presenters: Dr. Gene Deisinger is Managing Partner of SIGMA Threat Management Associates, a professional services firm involving experts in psychology & behavior, law, organizational development, security, and law enforcement. SIGMA provides training & consulting services to a broad range of clients including educational institutions, governmental agencies, law enforcement & security agencies, corporations, and public figures. SIGMA helps clients identify, assess & manage threatening situations to mitigate risk for violence, and enhance their safety & well-being. Following his retirement from Virginia Tech in November 2014, Dr. Deisinger was retained as the Threat Management Consultant for the Virginia Center for School & Campus Safety, providing training and consultation for schools, campuses, government & law enforcement agencies across Virginia.

Dr. Deisinger earned his doctorate in psychology from Iowa State University. He is a licensed psychologist, a certified health service provider in psychology, and, until his retirement, a certified law enforcement officer.


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