Jim Moore

Jim Moore is the Director and Compliance Manager of the Clery Act Compliance Division (Clery Division) at the United States Department of Education. The Clery Division is charged with nationwide enforcement of the Clery Act and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. Under Mr. Moore‘s leadership, the Clery Division has developed a comprehensive monitoring and enforcement program as well as the agency’s first Clery Act training, technical assistance, and community outreach initiative. He is recognized as a national expert on the Clery Act and has been involved in every major Clery Act case since he joined the Department in 1997. He is a frequent speaker and trainer on campus sexual assault and prevention, threat assessment, and emergency response and is regularly called as an expert witness on these and other matters. Mr. Moore represented his principal office during the negotiated rulemaking process to develop regulations that will implement the new Clery Act provisions added by the Violence Against Women reauthorization. In his prior position, Mr. Moore served as a Senior Institutional Review Specialist where he represented the Department on inter-agency investigations of financial mismanagements and fraud.